13 Lessons Learned In 10 Years After Graduation!


July 2017, just finished ten whole years after my graduation from college, Studying science, major in Chemistry

Ten years, can't say they passed fast or slow, they took their regular time

I had endless job interviews, in dozen different fields, in third world countries, your job is not always (or even never) related to your field of study, here college is only a social necessity to gain respect, because it is nearly free

I was lucky, studying, and major in the field of science I liked the most

But my biggest dream career was Marketing, I always dreamed to be the greatest marketer in history, the one who can market and create a massive desire to sell anything worldwide

I worked in three very different jobs, the last job was for 4 years, and it was the only job in my studying field, the only one I liked and felt I am doing something good, more on that later

Traveled to many places, dealt with a lot of people with different personalities, and truly, I can say that I have Learned a Lot, and changed a Lot

Between severe depression, losing the sense of direction, absence of a clear goal or any point of living, deadly mostly humiliating search for love and social approval, endless attempts to success and to prove myself,… were the last ten years of my life

After I graduated from college, it was like rebirth, an absolute feeling of freedom and accomplishment, it was just amazing, I felt so Successful

But this freedom was not by choice, it is simply, short reward to my hard work in college for 5 years

A reward that I didn't appreciate much and took for granted, more on that later

This is why, this awesome feeling of freedom did not last for so long, it took almost a year, which I still see as one of the best years in my life

My first lesson after only one year after graduations was : Freedom is your highest reward for your success, and this freedom must be earned, after long period of hard work and free, strong will, and determined intention to be somebody, And this precious Freedom, Must Never be taken for granted

When I graduated, and felt I have made an excellent accomplishment, ok, I was right, but also not so right

I have taken the normal educational path, played by the rules, and studied like all my colleagues did, and passed the exam, this is it

I did not take any responsibility for that, didn't invent, or create anything new, I just did what any student in the world do

Ok, I had the right to enjoy a little after graduation, but my greatest mistake is thinking like "This Is It"!!

So, after about one year of absolute enjoyment, feeling superior, I did not search for a job, instead I bragged that I will be a very successful businessman and will have a lot of employees

So called businessman whose greatest accomplishment was graduating from college LOL (broken heart)

Yes, I enjoyed this year, I was still high, did not pay attention to the tik-tok effect

Time passes, it is exactly like a very sharp sword, if you do not pay attention and enough respect to its omnipotent power, You Will Get Cut.

The reason I enjoyed this year, is because I believed I did something great, passing a very hard degree, in one of the hardest branches if science, this is why I really felt happy

I did not feel guilty, spending a lot of hours on video games, or waking up 3 pm, or hanging out all nights with my friends (one by one they got jobs, got married and left the group, which made me feel so much behind)

Suddenly, I started to feel empty, like "why I wake up" or "why I still did not start my business" or "what next" ….

My friends start to mock me for being lazy, my family also, and my response was I want to start a business and be my own boss, but I was lying to myself, because I did not really have any reliable experience in anything

I was living in denial, when someone try to warn me, I get so much upset, I lose a lot of friends, and had a lot of fights with my family members, I was so stubborn

I always told myself that I will start my business, and be so successful, and they all will envy me, but I was So much ignorant, I did not know how the world really works, or how the money is earned

I literally knew nothing, and yet was so stubborn and ignorant, I seriously hate myself when I remember this mindset I used to have

This period of my life, starting the second year after graduation, was full of lethal mistakes, I thank GOD because these mistakes did not destroy my life

Let's examine these lethal mistakes one by one:

1) I was so detached to reality, and only immersed in myself, my thoughts, my desires, and the way I see the world as if it is the only way

I never had the patience or the tolerance to listen to any other opinion, I was so much egoic, only listening to the monologue in my head

I never wanted to involve in the real job market, I was so lazy to commit to a regular job, was very scared to have a boss who can control me and give me orders, I was living only in my childish needs

You should never think you know it all, you do not know nothing, the Only way of really knowing is to do it yourself, try and fail and then try again, feel the pain of losing and failing

Keep doing it until you feel attached to whatever you do, and then you can create your own style, or take a whole new path, only then you can say you know something

Yes, you can trust your thoughts and desires, but only after experiencing, not before

Any judgment does not rely on an actual experience is Not true, Period

Before trial and error, any opinion is just an opinion, never rely on it, you should listen to people with experience and learn from them and be humble enough to step aside your ego, and really pay attention

Never stop moving and never standstill, which take us to my next lethal mistake

2) Everyday passed without any meaningful activity, I was drawing from my emotional credit, I did not pay attention to the danger of waiting

Yes, you should enjoy your accomplishments, to the highest limits, but also keep in mind that Time Has No Mercy

If you kept standing in your place, and didn't take advantage of your success to reach a new bigger success, what will happen is you will keep taking from your emotional credit, and your self esteem

Everyday passes, your enthusiasm will drop down a little, until you will be filled of doubts, and when doubts fill your brain, this will lead to a massive down spiral movement

3) I always trusted the wrong people, and gave them my ears, and my head, allowed them to get to me

(And by far, I think this was my biggest mistake)

Specially, when people around you notice that you are happy and enjoy a lot, they will really try to put you down

Because they are suffering, they can't stand seeing any happy person around, they will try to fill you with doubts

They will fill you with fears of the future, always reminding you with all your disadvantages

Simply, because your joy and confidence will make them feel insecure about themselves

They consider your failure as their success, it is not enough to be successful yourself, but also other people's failures are added to your success (this is how most people think, it is not ethic, but this is what really happens)

I did not like to embarrass them, and considered them to be my friends who want my well-being, I never paid attention to envy, the competition, or fighting for survival

Even in some case, if I told someone "it's not your business, please never ruin my thoughts again", I regret it and feel bad, and I apologize to him after sometime, and give him my head again, allowing him to fill it with a lot of other doubts and fears

(I am not saying never listen to advice from other people, I am saying that you MUST know what is their real motive, simply because no one cares so much about anyone, all people around you sure have any motive or personal interest)

Note: Never regret being hard with, or apologize to, someone who tried to invade your privacy, or tried to put you down, even with a joke

If you did regret it, or apologized to him, first he will appreciate it, but then he will consider that as weakness, and will make sure to put you down even harder next time

Just Never allow any one to invade your privacy, or judge you in any way

Learn: anyone who judge you, is not really care about you, he only wants to feel better about himself, and he thinks if he made you look bad, he will look better on your expense

Be brutal, be hurtful with these kinds of people, one true hard response, and they will get really scared and run away from you, so be strong and never go back

Do not really care about their opinion about you, just make sure they will treat you with the most respect

This is the atmosphere you should live in, when and where everybody respects you and always look up to you

Sure, if you still soft with other people and still cannot be firm with them, you will be with practice and a lot of trials and errors, just be brave and ask the best for yourself, never look back

4) In the early years after my graduation, when I had a very good business idea, and feel so good about it, I went and asked advice from the WRONG people

Again, listening to people around me were the greatest source of distraction and failure

I went to my friends and colleagues, asking for their opinion about any business idea, and they just try to come with a hundred reasons why this idea is a fail and pain in the ass, simply it doesn't worth it

Maybe they don't have enough experience, or just envious

The bottom line is, they will make sure to deactivate you, even if they do not mean it, this is just how things work

Remember "if I can't be more successful than somebody, I'll make sure to fail him" this is how people think, even if they don't realize it

But I am not blaming them entirely, I was trying to find any reason to cancel this idea, because I was lazy, and too scared of failure, this is why I listened to them and allowed them to discourage me

Learn: your life is so much determined by those people you trust them and listen to them, BUT, if you are strong enough to ignore all these negative voices and have courage to give it a shot, you will be successful

Even if you failed at first, and had the courage to try again, you will grow even stronger, nothing will stop you from being successful

But as a start, Do Not listen to those who discourage you, Have an idea? Keep it to yourself. Never discuss it with friends, specially friends

Go and ask the advice of someone with experience

Understand: your intention about anything, is what determine what you will feel and do next

If your intention is to become a successful writer, rich businessman, speaker, athlete…, and this intention is really honest, you will attract the right people, the right events, and the right attitude to help you reach that goal

Simple as that

So, my initial intention about those business ideas was, to run away from the actual job market, to protect myself from labor, so scared of responsibility, and to feel comfortable all the time (lazy)

I really did not want any risk or and distribution

So, this intention is what made me (intentionally) ask the wrong people, listen to them, and make sure to be discouraged

It is all about Your intention

Always observe your intentions, do not focus too much on your thoughts and feelings, only your intention counts

Intention means: what is your main goal, the absolute outcome that you want to achieve by doing this particular thing??!!!

A lot of us lie to themselves, yet they know the truth, but only if they look carefully and closely to what they really want and act upon, they will discover the real intentions

Example: if your love relationships were total failure, so hurtful, make sure that this is what you intended to reach, before even getting into this relationship

Maybe you feel you are not worthy enough, or you unconsciously want someone to humiliate you because you want to punish yourself

Just look at your real intentions, and examine them, you will sure find the answers


After 3 years, I have consumed all of my emotional credit, winning belief was just not there, depression and lack of self-confidence just took over me

And what made it worse, was the lame job I decided to occupy, because I needed something to do, and to have any income

Plus, a very destructive love relationship, it was misery, seriously very hard times for me

I was in the lowest point of self-control, every little thing could make me sad or angry for days, I was just compensating my lack of orientation, with a lot of distracted, destructive emotions, I was a mess

This is something new I have learned in this period of my life:

What you feel about the biggest goal of your life, will be the same as you feel about the secondary goals, and about every area in your life

For me, my biggest goal was, to be very successful business man, and make a lot of money and serve millions of people, this is what I defined to gain respect for myself

And because my feeling about this main life goal was "I am a big failure", it reflected on all other areas in my life, Socially, I lost all my friends, Love life, I suffered a brutal break up, my career, I worked in something I really hate doing

Health, was a mess, depression made it so hard for me to enjoy any meal, or enjoy a night sleep, for years

Spending my nights in front of my computer screen, looking for love, for attention, for solutions, for anything to fill this huge gap in my soul

But as if I was drinking for the sea, the more I drink, the more I become thirsty

I was only 25, very good college degree, very talented, I could work in any place, But I decided to be a failure

In these times of your life, allow yourself to go out of yourself for some time, and see yourself, your life from above, using the eye of the Observer

Start analyzing your choices, your attitudes, observe how a very small word, or very unnoticeable action you made can change your life dramatically

Just set down and look, really look at yourself from above

In the age of 25, whole 5 years after graduation, I began to get used to my depression, and stop expecting much from life, and stop putting a lot of pressure on myself

I started to gain the absolute Godly bless of ACCEPTANCE

I stopped trying so hard to go out of this depressed state, stopped thinking too high of myself, because everything around me proved I was wrong

Everything I did proves that I was too stupid, so much ignorant, so stubborn, so much lazy, so much Nothing

So, I gave up, and not in a bad way, i.e. I stopped to live inside my head and inside my fantasies I used to live in my college days and after college

Started to live inside reality

Started doing little things that make me feel good, Reading, body building, watch a game for my favorite soccer team, playing video games, just doing my job and relaxing, let go of this annoying pressure that I must do something to change my life now, let go of all this nonsense

In this period, I quit my job for another corporate job, as life insurance sales man, I took this job to move on, to be little more active, and because they promised me so much money

But I didn't last much in this job, the money was awful, clients really do not respect life insurance sales men, A lot of meetings and presentations, and very little outcome, it was totally worthless

So, I quit again, and to generate any income, I returned to my first job, in my internet café


Suddenly I turned 27, and felt this panic attack everyone in late twenties feels

"I only have 3 years before turning 30, I am still not successful and have no idea how my life is going to be"

The only one thing I used to do, is to Pray, each night and every morning, every afternoon, all day

Pray to God, "please, God, fix all my life, and give me happiness, save me from this depression"

This was my prayer every day, before sleep, and most of the times

Sometimes I felt that my heart was open, while praying, sometimes felt bad

But I never stopped praying, and hoping for the best, although absolutely Nothing could show anything good could happen

In your darkest times, I will not advise you to be strong, focus on the positive, or to have more confidence in yourself, or all of this theoretical speech

But, all I am telling you, is for you to at least pray to God, to fix your life, the fact that you pray and ask, mean that you still have hope and still have faith, although it might be so little, but it is still there

Only prayer will bring this faith to light, and empower it each day on the long term

Just pray


I am sure that my prayers were the main reason for the good things that happened next

Despite all my beliefs, or my rejection to the 9-5 work concept, I have offered a job in the biggest medical laboratory in my country, and Yes, I have Offered the job, I did not ask for it, it just came to me

One of my oldest college friends, remembered me, he worked on this lab before me, he decided to travel and have another job in another advanced country, and they needed someone to fill his place, so he thought of me

And because he already worked there, he talked really well about me to his superiors, I was accepted in my first 5 minutes interview

And my colleagues welcomed me very warmly, because my old friend talked well about me, so I felt so much accepted and happy, because working in chemical labs was a great pleasure for me, this is why I majored in Chemistry in the first place

So, after one month of training, I have been officially joined the working team in the lab

Sure, this was one of my biggest happiest changes in my life, new life, new people, new work in something I like, new system of work, new ways of dealing with people

I was in just an adventure, everyday was o different and newer than the day before, I was feeling so much excited

Everyday, I learn new thing, acquire new skill, feeling more excited

The money was good but not great, but at least it was 10 times more than what I used to earn in my internet café, so, the comparison was easy

The most empowering feeling that I wake up each day to do a specific this was Gold

The feeling that I have something to commit to, and some new important work to be responsible for, this also was Gold

Of course this was hundred times better than my life, few months earlier, although I never imagined myself doing paper work, or have a finger print attendance prove, or working the same ‏thing every day, but I was mire than happy

There is a huge lesson here:

Be sure that your life line has been destined long before you even born, what will happen will happen, whatever you tried to prevent it, and what will not happen, will not happen, even if you and all people did anything to make it happen, it just won't

Also, be sure that God will send you the most thing you need in this particular time, in the most convenient way possible, a way that make you feel so natural dealing with

So, the best thing to do is KEEP QUIET, and wait for the best thing for you


Happy ending, right?!! Think Again!!!

As you have imagined. The first year if work I was hyperactive active, like a torch, I was feeling like I get my revenge from all my past 5 years of depression and laziness

I was able to ignore or even not seeing any work problem or any harassment from my colleagues, I was seriously focused on this new adventure, I felt so alive

My enthusiasm was so much greater than my anger or resentment

After the first year in my new job. My mind started its sacred job, to ruin my life

I started to focus a lot more on the negatives, on all the reasons why this work is not suitable for me, I always wanted to be successful business man. Be my own boss

These thoughts reflected on my performance at work, I was so much bored and feel unappreciated

I allowed my colleagues to look better over my expense, I allowed my boss to always catch my mistakes, in some way, I was provoking myself to rebel

From the first day in this work, I thought of it as a platform, a place to gather some startup money, and learn management skills to help me starting my own business

In my head, I planned to spend only one year for this task

So, unconsciously, I began to mess things up after exactly one year

Again, your initial INTENTION is what really decides your attitude to anything

And for me, my initial intention about my new work was "so cool place, I will spend only one year, learning as much as I can so I can start my own business"

So, after exactly one year. And because I did not plan it well. Never took any actual step to begin my business, I started to feel really depressed again

I was thinking like "Already one year, did a lot, why waste all of this hard work and quit? I can start my business while keeping my job"

Learn: you can have anything you want, seriously, and this is not cheap law-of-attraction-seminar talk

You can really do or have Anything you want, just by being honest enough with yourself

What do you want? A, B, C, or D? Ok, you want B? FINE

So, FOCUS on B, make it your number one life priority, your life's task

Why most of us cannot get shit done? Is because most of us have mixed intentions

You want good calm life? Ok. Focus on your job, be too good at it, go work early and leave late, satisfy your boss, be corporative, take good care of paper work, always develop yourself and learn all skills in your office, be productive as hell, and you will be a Star

You want to start your own business? Ok. Focus on whatever business you want to start, learn how things work, talk to someone with experience, gather partners, gather information, search for clients, bond really well with them and study how your clients think and why they buy, come up with a competitive new advantage

Even if you have to work for someone for some time until you gather money and knowledge, so be it

BUT, you can Never have both, you can not be a star in your job, and very successful business owner at the same time, whatever told you that, only wants you to fail, and fail bad

If you were blinded enough to thing you can have both, what will happen is to achieve only 50% of both

You will be a mediocre employee, and mediocre business owner, if you ever managed to start your business

So, call it naivety, call it laziness, call it stubbornness, ignorance, I thought I can have both worlds

So, I was a mediocre employee, and a mediocre business owner

I even did not have the courage to keep adjusting my efforts, so my business failed after only six months, so I put it on hold. And continued my job, as a mediocre

And this inner conflict made my working hours a living hell. For the record, I stayed for 3 more years, so I have lost whole 4 more years of my twenties doing something that making me miserable

Each day I was beating myself up for not quitting after the first year as I have planned, and I beat myself Hard

I tried to quit a lot, but all fears just come to me, fear of being out of job, fear of social rejection, fear of not having income…

I am sure that mist employees do not love or even like their jobs or their colleagues, but they just do not know better, they are afraid of quitting and facing the unknown

It's all about the money, having a steady source of income works like magic, this is what makes people go on is their lousy jobs for decades

Specially if they are married or have kids, the difficulty of quitting decision becomes 10* times harder

And the irony is, whatever you try to settle down, and feel good in your job, your work just come more complicated

More clients to serve, more hours to spend, more boring paper work, your company opens new branches which need more attention, your bosses try to overload you with extra work just to feel secure about themselves, the list goes on and on

Being able to take this decision and quit was my greatest dream

Before, I dreamed to have a business, now my biggest dream is only quitting my job


As always, I never stopped praying, Thanks GOD


After 4 whole years, the miracle happened, some problem happened, I was treated badly, and I just said This is it

I could calmly move away, I could naturally face my fears, my bosses, and my colleagues pressure

And Thanks GOD, my family was supportive

For the first time in my life, I Consciously chose to Win Myself Back, and never look back

I stopped allowing any one to bother me, or look down at me, simply no one has the right to do that, and I would Hit Hard

Long story short, Thanks God, now I am Free


For the first time in my life, my own freedom was my own choice, from inside

For the first time, I had the courage to move away from whatever makes me miserable.

By the grace of GOD This time, my freedom was earned, I made it, took the responsibility of its consequences

Was afraid? Of course, at first, because I still didn't know the actual steps I should take, what was my plan?

I decided to continue my first online business, as a marketer, started an online store, and a writing career

There is one more lesson here for people who decided to leave their jobs to start a business:

Consider that your success may take some time, do not expect success to come after one or two months, it maybe takes longer than that, just be careful and make sure to have enough money to cover you during this period

You still have a lot to learn, a lot of ups and downs, a lot of blocks and a lot of solutions you have to figure out by yourself until you stand on your feet

Just keep that in mind, to avoid getting frustrated so easily

Business Advice: first you will get confused, do not have clear blueprint, so my advice to you is to work upon what you feel right, while putting trusted people experience into consideration

Start by baby steps, really small steps

Another advice: you used to work for 8 straight hours at least each day, doing something you hate with people you don't like

So, working on your own business should at least take the same number of hours, deeply focused on it

8 whole hours, maybe even 10, or 12

It is not an easy ride, and be sure, so sure that you will reap what you sow

Also, the distracted work environment is not even close in productivity to a focused one

Make sure to cut all distractions, no Facebook, no Instagram, no answering messages, checking your email every 15 minutes, or watching a soccer game while working

Distracted non-focused work equals No work

If you are that distracted during work, is better for you to use this time to relax or meditate, or even go out to have some fresh air

Also: you should define exactly what is your goal, what is your destination? When you set down, or going for a business meeting, what is your main goal? What does you want to achieve? And be very specific about it, always keep it in mind

Example: my main goal of writing this long article is for me to learn from my past 10 years, and gather all lessons to use them in my next 10 years

Second: to transfer this knowledge to others, to help younger, fresh graduated students to have a clearer view about the work environment, and what the best mindset they better have

Third: I like to write, I like to spread my ideas, and publish them to the world, and I like doing this for free, to gain readers trust, and make a name for myself

Understand:  your readers, clients or customers are Not your ATM machines, they are real people with unique experiences, they have the right to first trust you, like you and get interested in your message

After trust, comes everything

They will follow you anywhere, buy anything from you, recommend you to their friends

The more you give them valuable content they can use to overcome their problems, or achieving their goals, they will trust you and follow you more

You must give very rich content, relevant on multiple channels, and do all that for Free… this is by far the Best way to gain a lot of people's trust

You will take some time? yes, a lot time? Yes. But the outcome is miraculous

You will have a very strong base for your business, a base that can make you rich and famous for so many upcoming years, as long as you make sure to keep putting awesome content and earning more people's trust

I know what is inside your head now, why you should take my advice?

I have failed a million times, this is why I learned a lot,

I had the most powerful disappointments, so I have gain strength,

My dream is to be a world class entrepreneur, but after graduation, I seriously experienced that real life is a total different thing than whatever your dream is,

I am NOT saying that you cannot achieve your dream,

I am only saying that whatever you think needs to be done, will be totally different than what is REALLY needs to be done

And this is the most valuable lesson here,

Only actual experience is what counts, nothing else matters

And in order to take action and begin your real-life experience, you will get hit, you will be beaten up hard

Most of the times, you will have this massive urge to hit back, and to get involve in this lost battle

But seriously, just keep calm and learn in silence, observe and keep observing, start making and reforming your mental connections

Observe your behavior, observe other people's behavior, and come up with your exact unique formula for (How I can use all of this real-life data to my advantage?)

We all have dreams, we all have disappointments, we all get hurt so fuckin bad, to the absolute core of our beings

Most of us get so deeply involved in these collateral battles and miss the whole point, they can't figure out why this happened, and keep happening to them

But, there are some of us, who keep learning from whatever happens to them, their past is a treasure of piled knowledge, and they decided to use it, they never stop or give up

And for me, I make around $1000/month from my online business, Authority, and E-Commerce

I know this amount of money is not too much regarding to what you keep hearing and reading about very successful online entrepreneurs, but again, Keep It Real

I think so many people will be so happy if they made $1000 per month, from their Own business, it is Not bad at all

And this is a start for something bigger

And I am seriously satisfied with it now, Yes I will work my ass off to 10x that, or at least double it per months, but now I am more than happy with it

At least it is 10 times more than I used to earn in my 9-5 job at the lab

And YES, I used to earn around $100/month in this job, too little? Is because I live in a 3rd world country!!

Note: if you are from 1st world countries, you are so lucky, be sure of that

You enjoy a lightspeed internet, you have experts in every field of everything, they can help you a lot personally or online

Your annual income equals ten people living in 3rd world

Educations and health systems are at a human level

The amazing wide technology new stuff that keep coming each day

The open-minded people willing to try new things and invade new areas of business

Online Marketing is an essential skill in absolutely any business now, so it is your chance to pick a skill and develop it

Yes, the competition in 1st world is so much very high, materialism is all over the culture, but I just can tell you that there is how it works also in the rest of the world

The rest of the world is simply follows the most powerful countries, and because materialism is the way it works in 1st world life, so the rest of the world has followed the same path

So, just get ready and take your massive action, never wait another moment


Understand: to earn your customer's trust, you should introduce them a great value for free first

Define your goal, what is your idea or message that you want to teach a massive amount of people, and then knock on every channel to reach as many people

And people should first learn from you, FOR FREE

And the more you develop yourself, the more you can teach your message better

Publication channels are now all over the place, and luckily most of them are for free

Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, Pinterest…. etc.

But sure you should pay some money for advertising to work properly, do not worry, every dollar you spend, will come back to you, 10x times or more

Just be patient and learn how to REACH your people

Be realistic, put realistic, measurable goals, which are built on a true experience, not hoping or wishful thinking

If some trainer or youtuber said that you can add 1000 subscriber to your list in a month, or this is how you can make your first 10 sales for your product. Ok, try what they say, and look what will happen, just watch, and learn

Be willing to test new ideas, never take anything as an undisputable truth, your genuine personal experience is what really counts, and what is really works for you

Just define what does you really want to do, what is your inclination?

Then, go to experts in this field, hear them learn from the, invest in their courses, buy their books, gain a lot of knowledge, and apply what you learn

After some time, you yourself will have a filtration inner system, that will tell you what works and what doesn't work for you

What you believe or what others believe is not important,

Only your actual real-time experience is what counts

After knowing these measurable data, you can take the right decisions, put the realistic goal, and really achieve them, because you really know how to

The most important thing, is that your judgments should rely on actual experiences, measurable and repeatable experiences, not just one-time thing, it is not accurate

Summary: you too should dig deep into your past, and really look, very closely, and Learn from yourself

You are your best mentor

What are your best valuable lessons learned from your past?

What were the moments that really changed you forever?

What are the stories and wisdom that you want to pass to other people, younger, older or the same age as you?

Begin to tell your own story, extract the absolute juicy wisdom out of it, and pass it to other people

Maybe one person will read, hear, or watch you, and really benefit from your experience in his

Maybe someone's life will be so much better, after meeting you, personally or online, or just reading about yours

But, first and for most, do it for yourself, to feel that you did not waste your life on nothing, and there is something really good can come out of it, and actually can benefit and touch other people's lives in a positive way

To teach yourself, by yourself, the strongest and most powerful lesson you can learn, is the lesson you reach yourself, using your own experience

Be your own best Mentor

Do this to make your present better, to be better human,

Simply because, whatever happened to you before, is designed to make you a better human being, and to help other people and to make a very positive impact on the whole world

To know Who You Really Are. What are you capable to do, what is your real potential?

Begin to write yourself down, start to extract the valuable fruit out of your life,

Do it for yourself first, then pass it to others

How you can be so happy?

How you think people should do or interact in order to be happy?

How you think the world should work to make everyone happy?

What do you want to tell the world?

Start Writing Now…

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