About Noppls

People Who Are Really Tired of common Self-Help, and Law of Attraction Nonsense, Decided to Depend on Themselves, Creating their Own Path, Be the Best in their lives and Do Something Valuable 

Here, we introduce Simple Self-Help Free Information, in the most Real, Easy, Practical way, to really help you make this big Positive Change in your Life

It is Real, because we Always care about the validation of our content, making sure to introduce only trustworthy Information, apply it and you will believe

It is Easy, because true information are not complicated at all, simple to understand and digest, it is basic knowledge, if you take sometime and ask yourself, you will know it by yourself, all you need is guidance

It is Practical, because we make sure to convert the knowledge to work, to act with what we know, correcting ourselves, learn more, move on, and grow, without action, don’t bother yourself to learn anything

About 90% of self-help and law of attraction usual productions are meant to be nice, well introduced to the public, ignoring all the negatives, only give you the bright side of life, how a perfect life should be, how a perfect person should think and behave, these usual books only give us the basic facts, yes they calm you down, make you feel that you finally figured it all out and you will change your life tomorrow, but you just don’t

Noppls, is an online public society, but not for everyone, it is only for people who really want to make a big change, a large group of perfectly normal people who have their pros and cons, achievements and failures, fears and dreams ,trying so hard to live the life as they want, but they face the ugly truth, the fact that reality is not exactly the way we think it is, not exactly the way described in self-help law of attraction usual books, they want to do something big but don’t know How

They Always want to change themselves, their lives for better, but always go back to square one, or at the best cases they have got a little bit of success, very little victories, which cause them to suffer, to live in fear of losing it

They live in fear of tomorrow, live mostly in the past, can not live in the moment or enjoy the day, got so bored of life’s daily routine, yesterday is exactly like today ,like tomorrow, they lost the best days of their lives living to serve and fulfill other people’s desires, feel they are not good enough, don’t deserve to be happy

If you feel that I am specially talking about you, be sure that you are not alone in this, so many people around the world feel the exact same, almost the majority of the world population, WE are the Normal People

This website is the begging of our massive project, to create a large society of Powerful normal people, who have the ability to love, to be happy, to introduce real value to themselves, to people around them and to the world

Because we Really Value your Existence, and Believe in your Greatness, in Your ability to make this big Positive change in your life, and to change the World

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        Love, and Do Your Thing!!

     Thank You.

Abraham Abdelwahed