Ego, What Is It?

If I give you something because I want you to like me, that is not love, that is trying to satisfy my ego.

Ego is the sense of individuality.

The start of the ego is the sense " I Am Separate", it is the creator of all limitation thoughts inside our minds.

Our ego is our personal attempt to express our infinite being.

Ego is behaving in accordance with what we think others want, not by expressing our own real feelings.

So, ego must lead us to unhappiness, because we become incapable of expressing our own true feelings.

Ego is the way we think what we are, what others are, and what the world is. To be happy, it's necessary to see things as they really are, not as what we think they are.

Seek the source of ego, and it will be disappeared.

Ego is motivated by our seeking of love. Let go of your need to be loved, and you will have the eternal happiness.

The greater the ego, the greater the misery.

Misery will end, if we let go of our ego's desire to be loved, only by loving, can we be happy.

Ego smashing is the fastest way to the goal, and to the only safety.

We create our ego, then we try to escape from it.

When ego disappears, only GOD remains.

The GOD-part of us is here all the time, it is just covered by the ego.

Who is causing our misery? The Ego. Let Go, and Let God.

All the blessings and graces of God is at every moment trying to come through to us, all we need to do is allow it, by setting the go aside, ignoring it. An unrecognized vision soon leaves.

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