How To Qualify The Best Customers For Your Business?

Selling to the right person is more important than all the sales methods, copywriting techniques, and negotiation tactics in the world. Because the wrong person doesn’t have the money. Or the wrong person simply doesn’t care.

Those highly qualified people are called Marks. Those who perfectly respond to your message

In your marketing or sales campaigns, 99% of your efforts must be directed to those Marks. Simply because if not, you will not meet good odds of success. It is something like trying to sell fish in a village full of fishermen

The first lesson about marketing is, you must target the hungriest audience, and you must play games you can win. Simply by focusing on your Marks

The process of getting to know your Marks is to keep disqualifying those who are not interested in what you are offering

It goes like this; you send one calculated signal that most ignore, but few to respond to. You may not even do this move yourself, someone else can do it, you just have to watch what is happening and pay attention to your customer’s behavior

And when these few do respond to your move, you may know the reason, what qualifies them to get interested in your message? Study them. This is knowing your Marks

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The next smartest thing is to highly focus on these few. Maybe by creating a whole new offer that fits them. Or whatever it is you may do, you must keep focusing on them and keep satisfying them, because 80% of your sales will directly come from them

If your offer is a How To guide, and let’s say 50 people showed their interest. You may disqualify those 50 again by offering more special offer, maybe like a live workshop training, this narrows your 50 down to 10 hyper-responsive targets, who will carry you farther than the other 40 combined

So, when you know your Marks, you may keep disqualifying them also, to find even more qualified Marks. And keep satisfying them with your products, this is where the real money is made

This is not just about customers, either. It’s about everything that makes money change hand: the product line you choose to sell, the web pages you optimize, the PR opportunities you pursue. Offers, prices, and systems

Book, scripts, headlines, guarantees, proposals, and risks. Employees, vendors, salespeople, and managers.

The rule of knowing your Marks is working for you, all you need to do is to read the signs. And keep disqualifying what doesn’t work for you, and focus only on what does.

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