How To Really Help Other People

If you are not helping others, you are I injuring them.

Any bad thought you hold about anyone, is injuring him, therefore injuring yourself.

Your helping others is more by your attitude of how much you love them, rather than your behavior.

i.e. if you really want to help people, your reactions toward them must be motivated by love and the good wishes you want for them. If not, your behavior will not lead to any good results, whatever you tried.

Just feel love, and your thoughts will be those of love, whether you are in action or not. Thoughts are far more powerful than actions. They are the basis of all actions.

The more one knows himself, the more compassion and desire one has to help others.

The more you are capable of love, the more you are helping the world.

The greatest help is done by person who best understand himself.

When you want other people to know you are helping them, they are obligated to give thanks to you. It’s better to let GOD returns the favor to you. And when GOD gives, he Amazes.

So, do the good, without caring that others should reward you.

When I give you, and you give me back, you stop me from receiving a blessing from GOD.

Helping others should not have any ego motivation behind it, and without attachments.

The greatest thing we can do to help others, is to help them to help themselves.

Blessed is the giver, because he is happier, if he gives from the heart.

Don’t help others more than you help yourself. But try to help others because it will help you help yourself.

You don’t need any special training to help others. You do it naturally, from your own state of being.

It’s not much you give, it’s your attitude when you give it.

Serve with the feeling that it's not you, but the GOD in you who serves.

The giver is more blessed.

A completely giving person always has whatever he wants.

The higher you go, the more you lift everyone.

When you are holding good thoughts, you are sending good thoughts to everyone.

To help another one, you have to equate him to you, not think you are spiritually higher.

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