Peace, Truth, and GOD

Peace is tranquility, serenity, is dwelling in the Self. Complete peace is our highest state, the natural state.

Peace in unity, non-resistance, complete acceptance, identification with all, everyone, everything.

Peace is a feeling, it requires no action.

Real peace is impossible in the realm of thoughts. There must be no thoughts to have perfect and total peace, because thoughts agitate.

In oneness, there is complete unity, there is no other to think about.

Peace is the best indication to one's progress, towards complete freedom.

When you are quiet, peace is the freedom from unwanted thoughts, it's the ability to concentrate only on one thought.

Truth is that which never changes. All else in untrue, illusion.

The greatest thing to give is Wisdom, because when you give someone wisdom, you will give him the one method to attain everything.

Truth cannot be taught, it's only can be discovered, realized.

One should never accept anything until he can prove it out for himself.

There is no problem which cannot be solved immediately in the light of truth.

Truth can be approached on an intellectual, emotional, intuitive levels, and by directing all these three toward the truth. Truth will reveal itself.

Reason cannot get one to truth, but can get one into the direction of truth.

These is only an infinite one.

Truth can be found by a process of eliminating wrong thoughts, which are thoughts on limitations.

When all thoughts of limitation are eliminated, what remains is our natural, unlimited Self.

Absolute truth cannot be spoken, because truth is oneness, and in oneness there is no other one to speak to.

The Self (GOD) is infinite, whole, complete, one, perfect, timeless, eternal, changeless, the only reality.

Mind detached from world and centered only on self is liberation.

The Self is our very being.

We Are now, we always have been, and we always will be the eternal, unlimited self (GOD).

All we need to do is to realize that be removing the ignorance of it, or by increasing our knowledge of it.

The easiest way to contact the Self, is by focusing on the feelings in the heart of "I" or "I Am", with nothing more added.

This feelingness is the self, the real inner self, the moment we add anything to it, like I Am good or bad, I Am poor or rich, I Ma great or small, or I and That, we are imposing a limitation on the "I Am" and creating the ego.

The source of ego is the self. Find the source and the ego disappears, leaving only the self.

When we take one steps toward the Self, it takes nine steps toward us.

When we know The Self (GOD), everything becomes knows.

What is joy? Joy is nothing but the self.

When our desires are fulfilled, the mind becomes still. This allows the self to shine forth, and that is what we call Joy.

When we let the inner self express, there are no problems.

By looking (up) to GOD, GOD is always separate from us. Only when we look inside us. We can know GOD.

Stop Having, Stop Doing, and just be your Self. At first this being your Self is momentary. As you keep trying, it remains more and more until it becomes permanent.

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