The 5 Most Important Qualities Your Best Customers Must Have

What do you say to someone to convince them you can solve their problem?

Most of suggestions or classic salesmen will advise you to begin persuading them, and to give one hell of a presentation, or try to give them an offer they can’t refuse.

This is not bad, but if you start applying your sales skills without knowing these next big 5 qualities that must exist in your potential buyers, you would waste a lot of precious time and effort trying to convince the wrong people. Who may never consider buying from you.

You must Disqualify people who don’t fit. If they don’t have the money, or your solution doesn’t fit, or if there’s no urgency, then No sales is going to happen. So you must do your research, and ask the right questions about your potential market.

Here, I will tell you exactly what to ask for, to disqualify the time wasters.

These Five Qualities are:

  1. Do They Have The Money?

People who do have the money are way easier to sell to, many marketers or salesmen try so hard to convince all people with their product, so maybe will try to go after anyone, even if they don’t have the money to buy, and it is a big waste of time and effort.

  1. Do They Have The Urgency To Buy Your Product or Service?

Do they have an immediate problem that need a fast solution? If you want to make big profits, your product must deal with at least one of the following:

  1. A) Pain and great inconvenience. B) Some craving for a pleasure that borders on the irrational.

Big pain, or Big pleasure, serious money is always found in these two places. And before you ease their pain, you must intensify it.

What’s the biggest problem you have ever solved in your life? That’s a real good start.

  1. What benefit do they want that other guys are not promising? (Why You?)

Most people in marketing business call that Unique Sales Proposition.

In simpler words, you must answer your customer’s questions about you and about your product:

  • What does your product do that nobody else’s product does?
  • Why should I buy from you instead of anybody else?
  • What guarantee you make that nobody else can make?

Know that one of your most important jobs as a salesman or a marketer, is not only know the answer to these questions, but constantly improve your unique sales proposition of whatever you sell.

  1. Do They Have The Ability To Say Yes?

Find out who has the final decision, who has the final word, are you selling to someone who must first ask permission of his boss, wife, or his partner?

A lot of targets, can say no, but the most important for you, are the ones who can say Yes, the ones who have the Upper hand.

This is off topic, but let’s say you are applying to a job, or a position in any firm, what is the best for you to send your resumes to? HR department? Or the Hiring Manager?

HR department can say that you are not qualified, and if they said so, your resume will never go to the Hiring manager, so you would be failing even before you start.

But, HR doesn’t have the ability to say yes, if they think you are qualified, they will send your resume to their Hiring Manager to decide the final call. And He Has the ability to say Yes or No.

So, to raise your success chances by far, focus only on people who has the final word, the ones who can say Yes.

  1. Does What You Sell Fit With Their Overall Plans?

Whatever you sell needs to harmonize with your customer’s ultimate goal, is your product will really help your target to thrive in his business goals? And if it does, is it for the long or short term?

To answer that correctly, you must know your customer ultimate goals. Is it making more money? Reaching more People? Organizing the work flow? Etc.

So, instead of cold-calling all your customers, or making an endless meetings with all of them. After applying these five filters, you will only reach to the top candidates, this will end up to only 20% of them, and even those 20% important candidates, these is only 5% of them whose very hot and very ready to invest with you right now.

Focus only on these 20%, and HIGHLY Focus on those 5%.

Remember that all of your sales, must be about your customer, not about you, so when you give him your unique sales proposition, don’t tell him how great or successful your company is, but just start with what you can do for him, put your unique sales proposition first, it must be something that gets his attention.

Best sales formula is Problem… Agitate… Solve. Most Marketers don’t spend nearly enough time on the “Agitate” part.

The agitate part is intensifying their pain, or really seducing them with all the benefits your product has. And keep emphasizing this over and over again.

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