The Mind, What Is It?

Mind is all limited, if you give your mind control over you, it will always put you under more and more limitations.

You will decide to let go of your mind when life becomes unbearable, when you realize that all your misery is only inside your thoughts.

Understand the law of cause and effect, that your thoughts are the cause of what happens in your world.

The mind is nothing but the sum-total of all thoughts, which are concepts of limitations.

That which we think, we create. That we hold inside our mind, we sustain. That which we let go of in mind, we dissolve.

When we quiet the mind by letting go of thoughts of limitations, we see the infinite being that we are.

You become what you think most of the time.

Mind is an instrument used by the ego to create.

The world is an out-projecting of the mind, when we realize this, we can change the projected picture.

Pure mind is mind with no thoughts.

The only thing which blinding us from the self is mind activity.

Mind is responsible for generating thoughts of desire, which create attachments and aversions, which cause bondage, which lead to suffering, eliminate anything of that chain and be free.

Habit of thought is the greatest enemy of realization.

Every mind is a transmitting and receiving station, receiving in its own wavelength. Keep it High.

Mental efficiency is in the art of concentration.

A concentrated mind is one that can keep its attention on one thing at a time, without other thoughts coming in.

A concentrated mind is the secret of success in the realization of truth.

A concentrated mind is also the secret of success in the world, all successful people have the ability to concentrate their minds.

Thoughts of happiness give relative happiness. The highest and absolute happiness is beyond thoughts.

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