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Why should I buy from you right now? Instead of buying anything else from anybody else next week? What can you uniquely guarantee?

If you have great answer to that question, you can charge more money, have more orders and customers, invest more money into marketing and advertising, invest more in customer satisfaction and developing new products.

If you have a lousy answer to that question, you are in a trouble before you even start. You would know you have a bad selling proposition when:

You are constantly fighting downward price pressure. You feel a lot of competition, you can’t afford more quality advertising, you feel defensive about taking up customer’s time, nobody really wants to talk to you, you have to ask for a lot of meetings with potential customers.

If this sounds like you, there is something you are not promising, something you are not guaranteeing, or your service is not specific enough, that’s keeping you away from being unique and keeping you from making more sales.

If you want to be a super successful marketer:

Put yourself in a position where you got paid to practice, even if it’s not a good amount of money. Practice until your ad writing, making sales presentations, buying traffic, negotiation, or whatever you love most is endowed with massive force. Learn to love repeating even the basic things over and over again, until you achieve perfection.

Don’t fall in love with bright shiny objects, Fall in love with mastery.

What you should master? Some aspect of marketing or sales that you naturally love and excel at, harnessing the natural forces of Who You Are.

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